Colin Caffell Sculpture Commissions - the full works
Sculptor, potter, garden designer and writer

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Welcome to the Sculpture Gallery. This is a selection of some of my sculptural work spanning more than 30 years.
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Penwith exhibition poster

Memory - part of the Amor and Psyche series



Mother and child

Yin Yang - all from one womb


Mother and child

Psyche, in the dark

Draped kneeling lovers

Pregnant Virgin/Aphrodite /Psyche

Psyche, in the dark

Small 'Chrysalid'

The Golden Egg

Promethea - eternally bound to the egg

Small 'Chrysalid'

Memorial to Cornish hard rock miners

A Moment In Time

A Moment In Time



Flame 2 (front view)

Flame 2 (rear view)

Kneeling lovers

Celebration of innocence

Chrysalid - unveiled

Psyche, in the dark (detail)

Soul Mates

Water Nymph

Water Nymph

Soul Mates

Ars Longa Vita Brevis as part of Geo-morphic Cube modular installation


Unity (detail)

Unity (detail in wax)

Patradonna 1


Patradonna II - Father and son

The Golden Egg

Salome (detail)


Clay portrait heads of Dan Stevens and Dominic Cooper

Portrait of film actor Dominic Cooper

George Heathcote, 11 years old

Myles Boden, 8 months old

Myles Boden, 8 months

Torn Man

Sins of the fathers

Sins of the fathers, 2017

Divided woman


Geo-morphic Cube modular installation, 2012

Geo-morphic Cube modular installation, 2017

Geo-morphic Cube, floating