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Sculptor, potter, garden designer and writer

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Welcome to my studio pottery gallery. Most of the work on display here represents a style that has been continuously evolving during the years we have had the Roundhouse and Capstan Gallery. Watching the constantly changing colour, texture and light of the Atlantic Ocean out of the gallery window made me wonder if I could achieve something of those light sensations from my glazes. Thus began years of experimentation to see if I could make the molecular reactions within my glazes behave more like pigments, and, more importantly, control them.  The most recent pieces involve a carefully considered combination of brushed on or inlaid slips, engobes and glazes applied at various stages of production. Different combinations will create different atmospheres. Experiments are, of course, always ongoing; something I learnt from Ewen Henderson, my senior year tutor at Camberwell: to always look forward for new possibilities. Even if they fail, these experiments always pave the way for future successes.

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Small Minoan form

Sunset vessel - Minoan form

Small Minoan form with blue horizon

Large 'Blue Horizon' Minoan form vessel

Blue horizon sunset - Minoan form

Blue horizon - Minoan form

'Afterglow' - Minoan form

'Blue horizon' - Minoan form

Aftergow cylinder 1

Afterglow, cylinder 2

'Afterglow' - Minoan form

'Morning light' - Minoan form

'Afterglow' - bowl

Snow storm across the bay - blue horizon series

Sunset Minoan form

Caffell at work, laying on slips over the textured raw clay

Blue Horizon bottle

Misty moorland, Minoan form

Blue horizon series

Ocean light

Large 'Misty Moorland' vessel, 2017

Harbour mouth series

Atlantic Sunset vessels at Penwith Gallery 2017

Silhouetted Atlantic Sunset vessels at Penwith Gallery 2017

Atlantic Sunset vessel, no 1, with glass feature, 2017

Seascape vessels, flared form, 2017

A selection of small Minoan style sunset vessels, 2016

Quirky lidded pot, 2017

Misty Moorland - small Minoan form, 2017

Harbour vessel

Large seascape vessel, 2015

Misty Moorland - large Minoan form, 2017

'Penwith Mist' vessels, 2017

Seascape bowl, 2019

Banded seascape vessel, 2015

Banded seascape vessel, 2015

Banded bowl with Bronze pigment, 2016

Storm over th bay - small Minoan form

Flared Seascape vessel 1, 2017

Misty Moorland vessel - Minoan form, 2017

Seascape vessel - Minoan form, 2016

Flared Seascape vessel 2, 2017

'Above the moors' - very large Minoan form, 2017

'Misty Moorland bowl, 2017

'Misty Moorland' bowl, 2017

Sunset seascape - large Minoan form, 2017

Misty sunset vessel, 2017

Working on a large thrown and coiled piece