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Reconstructed unglazed terracotta with iron oxide decoration. 50cms. 1983

These are hand thrown in a heavily grogged clay, which means the course texture of the clay greatly informs the final desgn of the piece; almost to the point of tearing it apart. Some pieces, like this one, are deliberately broken, with selected pieces discarded, then reassembled as a process of serendipitous choice.

It occurs to me that we can often get precious about the things we create. So to break a beautiful dish we have just made, as an act of creative choice, helps to transcend such attachments.

It also occurred to me, however, that we spend a lot of time in museums admiring objects that have been found broken (often with bits missing) and reassembled. The act of reassembling seems to invest them with even greater value; they become even more precious.
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